Jury Final Presentation

The Final Presentations of The Arctic Studio

Institute of Experimental Architecture.Hochbau

Invited Jury Guests:
Karolin Schmidbaur, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme and Peter Massin

Educators Design Studio: Marjan Colletti | Marc Ihle | Luca Melchiori

Arctic Tour Organisation: Veronika Kristoffersen | Marc Ihle

Students: Linus Birkendahl | Olivier Bohnert | Lucia Frey | Christoph Geitner | Florian Alois Ladner | Laurent Loullingen | Melanie Menghin| David Michael Minatti | Nathaniel Nutt | Lukas Pazeller | Michael Poller | Katarina Susanne Ingrid Rödl | Kilian Rothmayr | Alexander Thomas Schidlbauer | Peter Tripp | Beatrice Wolf Maja

Team Arctic Studio

Organisation: Marc Ihle | Fotos Review: Arctic Studio

Institute for experimental architecture.hochbau

Faculty of Architecture | University of Innsbruck

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